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Centrifugal Separators

Dairy products

  • Milk clarifiers RE-P
  • Cream separator RE-T/TE
  • Cream separator sérum RE-W
  • Bacteria separator de RE-B
  • Automatic milk and cream standardization RTM

Milk clarifiers RE-P

  • Treatment of raw milk (cow, sheep, goat, ect.), without compromising the quality characteristics of the fat and ensures optimum clarification efficiency, as well as a significant reduction in the bacterial load.

Bacteria separator de RE-B

  • Improved milk quality by eliminating in-line bacteria and spores that can resist heat treatment.

Cream separator RE-T/TE

  • Partial or total separation of the fat that is naturally present in raw milk. This range of centrifuges can also perform milk cleaning.

Cream separator sérum RE-W

  • Separation of the cream from the whey to recover and valorise the residual fat.

Automatic milk and cream standardization RTM

Skimming and standardisation of milk and cream in line.

Breweries and beverages

  • Beer clarifiers RE-BR
  • Clarifiers for Musts, Wines RE-V/AP/S
  • Clarifiers for juices RE-V/EO

Beer clarifiers RE-BR

  • Centrifugation is the most economical polishing and filtration technique. Beer losses are reduced and the organoleptic qualities of the beer are protected. REDA centrifuges are sealed with a liquide ring to avoid any risk of oxidation of the product. The life span of the filters after the centrifuge is considerably extended.

Clarifiers for Musts, Wines RE-V/AP/S

  • The RE-V series is designed for the wine industry. Clarification of : white grape must (free-run and press juice), young and sparkling wine, mature wine (post-fermentation).

Clarifiers for juices RE-V/EO

  • Clarification of apple juice, citrus fruit, exotic fruits, tea, coffee, soft drinks,… The hermetic design of REDA clarifiers ensures gentle handling of the product without oxidation, maximum yield and quality as well as optimisation of energy consumption.

Special products

Clarificateurs RE-P/SA

Clarificateurs RE-P/SA

  • Separation and concentration of products that require the greatest delicacy and care in processing such as : blood and plasma separation, liquid eggs, natural extracts… These centrifuges are very precise and offer the assurance of reliable and reproducible performance with exceptionally high concentrations and clarity.